Friday, October 16, 2009


Hey everyone,
This is my First post, this blog is about writing.
Short stories, poems, what happened at the coffee shop today, anything and everything.
Now since you have read this far I will let you know what the title means, yes! it is an other clever use of an abbreviation "Write Because You Choose To" is what it stands for. The fact of the matter is most of our life we write because we have to. Our boss asked for a report, our teacher demanded a paper, or even just to write down an address or a grocery list.

I am putting my foot down, writing is not only a tool used for tasks. We need to drop the T.V remote and pick up a pen and practice our penmanship, or in my case typing skill. I think that as long as we keep our pen's ink flowing we can achieve many great things.
That's true back in the day penmanship was one of the most important things and meant you were well educated and part of high society. I think they had the right idea but the wrong train of thought. The important thing about penmanship was the writing itself not the actual perfect scriptures ink on paper. The content was what matters and we always say "you don't judge a book by it's cover." Now thinking deeper into the meaning of that phrase I can't seem to find when do we not judge a book by it's cover. The cover is the first thing we lay our eyes upon, of course we might flip through the pages, but the cover attracts us before we even read the content. Well then internet readers it has been nice and I'm glad we had this serious talk, feel free to ask questions and leave comments.

Cya till my next post